Monday, April 26, 2010

Pet Supplies for Dog Agility

There are pet owners who train their dogs for dog agility. Dog agility is a sport that tests the pet's obedience, intellect and strength through obstacle courses. Besides of making the dog more competitive, dog agility training is also good for pet health. Training serves as an exercise for them wherein they walk, run and jump. This is also a good way to develop their strength and alertness through various activities. This training is also advisable to make dogs more obedient to their handlers or masters. During training, pets learn to follow basic commands.

There are various pet supplies for dog agility. Usually they come in kits composed of easy to set up obstacle courses with flags to make it easier for dogs to remember the order of the course. Agility obstacles are usually comprised of Contact Obstacles such as A-Frame, Dogwalk, Teeter-totter, and Crossover. There are also the Tunnels and Jumps.

More than developing the dog's strength and abilities, training can also be a good way to improve pet-owner relationship as owners get to spend more time and bond closer with their dogs.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

A Relaxing Bonding Time With Pets

Most pet owners work in the morning and go home stressed and tired in the evening. Your pets welcome you at the door but you are too tired to play with them. Pets left at home can't help to be lonely and yearn for their masters. They look forward to spending time with you. Owners should be able to allot even a little time to bond with their pets, and if too tired for an active game, you and your pet can sit back, relax and watch a movie.

Watching a movie featuring a dog, cat or any animal can be entertaining for pets. This pet caring tip is advisable for pet owners who spend too much time at work and less time with their pets. It is a good way to have a relaxing bonding time with them. Below are the blog's top picks and favorites. They are also some of the most popular pet or animal movies released. Rent, download or buy them now, grab a popcorn and enjoy with your pet.


1. Marley & Me
2. Bolt
3. Snow Dogs
4. Beverly Hills Chihuahua
5. Lassie

Cats, Birds, Fishes, Etc.

1. Garfield the Movie
2. Ice Age
3. Finding Nemo
4. Madagascar
5. Chicken Little
6. The Princess and the Frog
7. Stuart Little
8. Antz
9. Babe
10.Bee Movie

Thursday, April 15, 2010

CATching the Best Cat Supplies

Pet shops are the most convenient sources of pet supplies. They are usually found downtown, on the next block, or in malls. Most pet stores offer a wide variety of products from different brands, giving owners with numerous choices. However, for a first time cat owner, product selection can be a bit confusing and difficult.

According to the American Pet Products Manufacturers Association 2009-2010 National Pet Owners Survey, there are approximately 93.6 million owned cats in the United States. There are more cats than dogs whose number is only around 77.5 million. Despite this fact, there are still more products specially made for dogs, that is why most pet stores offer more dog supplies than cat supplies. Nonetheless, there are pet supplies that can cater to both dogs and cats. So what does a cat really need?

Cat Containment

If one of the basic needs of humans is shelter, the same goes for cats that need safe and proper containment. It is important that cats have a shelter wherein they can sleep, rest or take refuge. Owners can choose what type of house they prefer for their pets. There are outdoor cat containment and indoor cat habitat. Consider first where you want to put your pets, keep them outdoors or have them indoors? Each of these types has their own advantages. Make sure to choose the one whose functions will greatly benefit you.

Health Care

Of course, the most important aspect of pet care is health care. Owners must ensure that their cats are strong, fit and healthy. News about pet obesity is troubling affected owners. Overweight pets are likely to have heart and other health problems. Proper diet and exercise can help them shake off the few pounds. Also, to keep cats active and alert, they should be given vitamins and other supplements. Vet appointments are already getting more costly so try to avoid seeing the doctor often. As they say, prevention is better than cure.

Cat Furniture

Others regard cat furniture as luxurious accessory; however, they can also provide extra space and additional comfort for cats.

There are cat beds which can ensure longer and comfier sleeping hours for pets. Related to beds, there are also sills which can also be heated or non-heated. Heated pet beds are great during the cold season. They have therapeutic benefits that can soothe cats. Other kitty furniture pieces include perches and posts.

Kitty Fun and Entertainment

Pets really love to play around and have fun. While the backyard may be spacious enough for them to go on running and chasing, it may not be very safe. Getting them their own cat play pen will be a better idea. Owners can ensure that no sharp or harmful objects can get inside the pen. Also, they can put in some cat toys and treats inside it to keep the cats entertained.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Pet Care On-the-Go

Most pet owners are always on-the-go and are too busy to take care of their pets. This is quite sad especially for pets who usually find themselves alone at home or in the hands of sitters. Owners usually find it hard to carry their pets around or keep them safe from the crowd, but with today's pet strollers, things can be easier.

Ideal for pet owners who are always on-the-go, pet strollers can provide safe, comfortable, and portable containment. Owners can now take their pets along leisure walks, downtown visits, grocery shopping, and anywhere else. These strollers are also beneficial for old and arthritic pets. They can be saved from the burden of long walks and running. At the same time, injured or sick pets would also love pet strollers especially during vet visits. The latest line of dog strollers have become more stylish and also have storing capabilities wherein pet care stuffs or toys can be stored and brought along too.

If time and circumstances allow, it's really a good idea to bring the pets along. This is to ensure that they are given the pet care they deserve and that they also get to spend time with you.