Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Ensuring Pet Safety With In Ground Dog Fence

Having pets is one of the most exciting and fulfilling hobbies people can have. Looking after a dog that plays with you and cheers you up when you’re down brings a happy and content feeling. In return of the fun and loyalty that pets give, dog owners must ensure that they provide everything their pets need. These are not just the basic needs, like food and water. The safety and security of these dogs must also be assured.

The market offers a great variety of pet safety products. There is an extensive selection of dog containment units that also provide for the security of the pets. Dog owners now can have their peace of mind whenever they leave their pets alone in the house. There will be no worries of the dog getting out of the house, or messing the living area, or worse causing trouble and facing accidents somewhere else.

Pet security should be every manufacturer’s main priority. Their products must not only deliver optimum performance but also high level safety so that they can emerge to be leading advocates of dog-friendly products.

One of the top selling items in the market today is the in ground dog fence. Gone are the days of traditional wooden or chain link fence. Revolutionary technology has now come up with electronic dog fences that offer multiple functions and double security for the most loved pets. These provide dog owners lower costs and greater convenience as as compared to fencing construction which is more expensive and stressful.

These products will only help you in taking care of your dogs. It is also important to give some of your time and be a responsible pet owner.

Sunday, September 5, 2010

The Colorful World of Aquarium Fishes

A lot of people enjoy having fishes as pets. Not just because they are easy to take care of, but also because they add more color to their owner's life. When you have a fish tank or an aquarium filled with colourful fishes, it provides you with a relaxing view. Huge, well-lighted and well-arranged aquariums can also be scenic displays in the house. Looking at water, and the swimming fish gives you serenity, the quiet time you need to think.

So what are the best fishes to put in your aquarium? I have here a few selections of brightly colored and very attractive fishes. See my suggested fishes below.

First is the mandarin dragonet. It comes in blue or green and it has a scale-less body with orange wavy lines across it. It is considered to have the most attractive coloration and pattern of any commonly kept reef fish.

Another fish from the dragonet family is the picturesque dragonet. As the name implies, it has a striking color and appearance that can surely please the eye of any beholder. It has an elongated scale-less body adorned with multicolor psychedelic swirls of blue, orange, and black on a green base. They have two dorsal fins, and the caudal fin is rounded.

Next is the six bar wrasse. Light yellow or green can be seen on top fading quickly to a pale white body that has six black bars running vertical down along the body.

Another kind of wrasse is the cortez rainbow wrasse. As the name speaks, you can imagine the 7 rainbow colors reflect on the body of this fish. The Cortez Rainbow Wrasse is active, hardy, and long-lived in the aquarium. Though smaller than most of these wrasses it is still very active during the day and will need to have plenty of swimming room.

If you want a fish to reflect the color of the ocean and the skies, you can go for the powder blue tang. It has a baby blue body, a yellow dorsal fin and a dark markings on its face. This fish from the surgeon family is quite expensive.

These fishes are ideal for wide and spacious tanks or aquariums but there are small fishes that can fit a 2-3 gallon aquarium. Desktop aquariums allow owners to take their pets to work or in the office even with the limited space in the table. Your fishes may be small, but you can surely appreciate their color and appearance because these compact fish tanks give a clear 360 degree panoramic view of your fishes. It comes with different colored LED lights that can be set or changed according to your mood.

Whatever fish you choose, no matter how small or big, having a spectacular aquarium can always be a great addition to your home or office.

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Take your fishes wherever you go with compact desktop aquariums

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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Even Dogs Can Have Arthritis

(This article is from Lionsco's Pet Information Blog)

What is arthritis?

Arthritis is the inflammation of a joint, which can cause pain and or swelling. Several types exist, including rheumatoid, degenerative, and infectious arthritis, each of which has a different cause. There are two forms of arthritis that may effect dogs - osteoarthritis and traumatic arthritis. An arthritic joint can cause immense pain, especially in the morning and in cold weather.


Osteoarthritis may be a condition in itself, or a result of other conditions such as hip dysplasia. It is a progressive and painful disease that will seriously affect the quality of life of the affected dog. It may affect one of more joints, and the seriousness of the condition will depend on which joints are affected, and general health of the dog. Obese dogs are more prone to osteoarthritis.

Traumatic arthritis is caused as a direct result of an injury to the joint, for example the result of a road traffic accident or a sprain while exercising. Poor nutrition, especially in the early months of of your dog's life, is another cause of the condition. It may also occur as a result of poor husbandry or old age, or be hereditary.


Swollen joints, difficult in walking, and lameness. As your pets friend and owner it is important to watch for trouble. These are signs of arthritis:

  • Becomes less active
  • Gets up Slowly
  • Walks stiffly or limps
  • Has swollen joints
  • Yelps, especially during exercise
  • Hesitates or refuses to climb stairs
  • Has a fever
  • Seems depressed

Comprehensive examinations help your veterinarian detect and treat arthritis before it becomes too painfully. If your pet doesn't receive regular exams, the arthritis may already be advanced when you notice it. If you do notice signs or arthritis, see a veterinarian immediately. Your doctor will perform a complete physical examination and may use blood tests, X-rays, and joint fluid analysis to help determine the cause and severity of the arthritis.

Medical Treatment

Your vet will advise you as to what action you should take, as this will depend on the underlying cause and treatment being given. Careful exercise routines detailed by the vet will prove beneficial in many cases. Swimming is good, as it exercises the dog's muscles without putting pressure on affected joints.

Some of the tools your veterinarian may use to treat your pet:

  • Antibiotics help treat infectious causes of arthritis. Immunosuppressive drugs are effective against autoimmune disorders.
  • Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs help control the debilitating effects of degenerative arthritis. These medications can effectively control pain and inflammation in dogs. In fact, your older dog may act like a puppy again!
  • Chondroprotective agents, including glucosamine and chodroitin, are natural compounds that the body uses to replenish joint materials.
  • MSM; natural dietary sulfur, antioxidant vitamins, and fatty acid supplements may decrease the inflammatory effects of arthritis.
  • Cortisone can be effective in the treatment of arthritis but can have side effects with prolonged use at high dosages.

Veterinary care can help reduce inflammation and ease the pain of arthritis. The treatment for arthritis may include anti-inflammatory drugs and painkillers, and in some cases surgery may be needed. All cases of osteoarthritis should should be treated seriously. Don't wait until your dog can walk before consulting the vet. You can also ask your vet to recommend pet supplies that can help your pet ease the symptoms of arthritis. Pet beds, and pet strollers are some sample products

Sunday, August 1, 2010

The Dual Functions of Outdoor Cat Containment

Most pet owners are very busy with their daily schedules and activities. Most of the times, they are not able to attend to all their cats' needs such as containment and training. These two are very important in pet care. It is the responsibility of every owner to look after his pet's welfare by providing him safe and reliable containment. Also, it's his task to train his cat to be obedient and well-behaved. It can really be a good relief to know that containment and training can now be done at the same time with outdoor cat containment.

Every owner wants to ensure the safety of his feline friend, and with a reliable containment, they can have the peace of mind in knowing their pets are secured. There are numerous products that can safeguard pets but outdoor cat containment is unique because it allows cats to play outside and keep them safe at the same time. Cats can enjoy the views outside the house and enjoy the morning sun and breeze. There will be lesser worries on the part of his master.

Cats can also be easily trained. Some owners even take training very seriously. Some take their pets to training schools, while others do the training themselves. For cat owners who don't have much time, they usually seek quick and effective solutions. It's a good news that an outdoor cat containment can already perform training functions. Owners can easily teach basic obedience to their pets and make them learn quickly with lesser hassles.

Safe and effective, this outdoor cat containment, backed by proper training techniques, will not only keep pets safe and secured but also deliver well-behaved and obedient pets.

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Now it's easier to have well-behaved cats. Save money and time on pet products like outdoor cat containment that assure great performance and effective results.


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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Improving Pet-Owner Relations with Pet Strollers

Besides taking care of pets, owners have other hobbies and interests too. Some are indoor, while most are outdoor activities. Sometimes it becomes a problem for owners to leave their pets at home and go out. They usually worry about their safety, but more bothered of feeling sad that the pets don’t get to go with them. No more of that sad part.

Pet strollers now make it possible for owners to bring their pets along with more ease and convenience. Having a portable, wheeled containment, pets would no longer be left at home, but can now participate in their owners’ other activities.

Take a Walk or Go Jogging

People love to get out every morning and do some stretching and get fit by exercising. Parks and beaches are the ideal places to burn some calories. Take a walk or go jogging with your pet inside a stroller. While you take a step towards fitness and health, your pet enjoys the great scenery and cold morning breeze.

Going Downtown

Sometimes owners have to run some errands downtown and they just can’t leave their pets behind. If downtown is just a few blocks away from your home, don’t bother taking the car anymore so you can save gas. Make walking more fun and enjoyable by bringing your favourite buddy along inside a dog stroller. You won’t get bored because you have your pet’s company.

Watching in Stadiums

Alright, so you don’t want to miss your favourite sports team game and you also want your pet to cheer for them. Well, why not take him along. You can seat near the isle so you can keep an eye on him. Pet strollers also provide pets the best seats during sporting events and concerts.

Bond with your pets more often and never make them feel alone. Get those pet strollers and bring them where you go and share them your interests.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Keeping Cats Indoors

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Keeping your kitty indoors

Many cats- particularly breeds with a placid temperament, such as the Persian - will take to indoor life quite happily. However just assome humans are very much the outdoor type while others are happy to stay in, if you keep your kitten indoors, you will have to judge over a period of time how well it is coping with the restrictions. If you decide to take the indoor option, you should do so from day one.

While a cat kept indoors from kitten hood can learn to go outside, it would be very unfair to make an outdoor cat stay in and would be likely to cause great frustration. You must therefore be clear in your own mind as to how you wish to keep your kitten before you bring it home, bearing in mind the following potential problems:

  • The cat is a natural hunter, and has great energies and abilities to be used in this pursuit
  • The lack of exercise may cause your kitten to become overweight if you do not pay particular attention to its diet.
  • The kitten may become bored , and also lonely if you are out all day.
  • It may become over-reactive to changes within its small territory, and therefore unable to cope with novelty - whether in the form of people or of objects or of objects brought in.
  • There will be a much greater dependence on you for stimulation and activity, and a risk of over attachment.
  • If you kitten does get out, it may be disoriented and will not have "street" skills. If you live in a high-rise there is the dangers of the results of falling.
  • If you have only one cat, it may become difficult to introduce another at a later stage into your first cat's restricted territory.

Reduce the problems

There are active steps that you can take to reduce or eliminate the problems mentioned above.

  • Keep your cat entertained with creative toys and games to keep your kitty exercised - both physically and mentally.
  • Monitor your kittens food intake, be sure to provide high quality nutritionally dense foods that use less fillers to prevent weight gain.
  • Ensure that you have regular visitors and that life is not too quiet - especially when your kitten is small.
  • Your kitten will need to act out is normal behavior repertoire within your home. A natural activity is scratching. Be sure to provide a scratching post in your home so that your furniture dose not serve this purpose.
As another choice for an indoor cat you can provide an outdoor cat containment area. Kittywalk makes a series of outdoor cat enclosures that are functional, entertaining and attractive. The Kittywalk enclosures give your cat the same sense of safety he has in your home but with the benefits of fresh air and a new entertaining environment.

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Some things that can happen with a fish

Found this poem about fishes by Ric Bastasa from Poem Hunter. Whether they are in the sea, in the lake, or inside desktop aquariums, here are some things that can happen with a fish

Some things that can happen with a fish

A fish that drinks like a fish, that is a fish in excess
A fish that fishes in troubled waters, that is a fish taking advantage of another fish in trouble
A fish that fishes or cuts bait, well, to be or not to be, to retreat or to attack, that is the fishy question
A fish that is neither fish nor fowl, is a fish that is neither one nor the other, lacking some convictions
A fish out of water, is a fish feeling left out, no longer in his accustomed environment

Do you have other fish to fry for now?

Is there other matter requiring my attention?

Poor fish,
the lake is finally fished out from his fishy mind.