Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Improving Pet-Owner Relations with Pet Strollers

Besides taking care of pets, owners have other hobbies and interests too. Some are indoor, while most are outdoor activities. Sometimes it becomes a problem for owners to leave their pets at home and go out. They usually worry about their safety, but more bothered of feeling sad that the pets don’t get to go with them. No more of that sad part.

Pet strollers now make it possible for owners to bring their pets along with more ease and convenience. Having a portable, wheeled containment, pets would no longer be left at home, but can now participate in their owners’ other activities.

Take a Walk or Go Jogging

People love to get out every morning and do some stretching and get fit by exercising. Parks and beaches are the ideal places to burn some calories. Take a walk or go jogging with your pet inside a stroller. While you take a step towards fitness and health, your pet enjoys the great scenery and cold morning breeze.

Going Downtown

Sometimes owners have to run some errands downtown and they just can’t leave their pets behind. If downtown is just a few blocks away from your home, don’t bother taking the car anymore so you can save gas. Make walking more fun and enjoyable by bringing your favourite buddy along inside a dog stroller. You won’t get bored because you have your pet’s company.

Watching in Stadiums

Alright, so you don’t want to miss your favourite sports team game and you also want your pet to cheer for them. Well, why not take him along. You can seat near the isle so you can keep an eye on him. Pet strollers also provide pets the best seats during sporting events and concerts.

Bond with your pets more often and never make them feel alone. Get those pet strollers and bring them where you go and share them your interests.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Keeping Cats Indoors

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Keeping your kitty indoors

Many cats- particularly breeds with a placid temperament, such as the Persian - will take to indoor life quite happily. However just assome humans are very much the outdoor type while others are happy to stay in, if you keep your kitten indoors, you will have to judge over a period of time how well it is coping with the restrictions. If you decide to take the indoor option, you should do so from day one.

While a cat kept indoors from kitten hood can learn to go outside, it would be very unfair to make an outdoor cat stay in and would be likely to cause great frustration. You must therefore be clear in your own mind as to how you wish to keep your kitten before you bring it home, bearing in mind the following potential problems:

  • The cat is a natural hunter, and has great energies and abilities to be used in this pursuit
  • The lack of exercise may cause your kitten to become overweight if you do not pay particular attention to its diet.
  • The kitten may become bored , and also lonely if you are out all day.
  • It may become over-reactive to changes within its small territory, and therefore unable to cope with novelty - whether in the form of people or of objects or of objects brought in.
  • There will be a much greater dependence on you for stimulation and activity, and a risk of over attachment.
  • If you kitten does get out, it may be disoriented and will not have "street" skills. If you live in a high-rise there is the dangers of the results of falling.
  • If you have only one cat, it may become difficult to introduce another at a later stage into your first cat's restricted territory.

Reduce the problems

There are active steps that you can take to reduce or eliminate the problems mentioned above.

  • Keep your cat entertained with creative toys and games to keep your kitty exercised - both physically and mentally.
  • Monitor your kittens food intake, be sure to provide high quality nutritionally dense foods that use less fillers to prevent weight gain.
  • Ensure that you have regular visitors and that life is not too quiet - especially when your kitten is small.
  • Your kitten will need to act out is normal behavior repertoire within your home. A natural activity is scratching. Be sure to provide a scratching post in your home so that your furniture dose not serve this purpose.
As another choice for an indoor cat you can provide an outdoor cat containment area. Kittywalk makes a series of outdoor cat enclosures that are functional, entertaining and attractive. The Kittywalk enclosures give your cat the same sense of safety he has in your home but with the benefits of fresh air and a new entertaining environment.

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Some things that can happen with a fish

Found this poem about fishes by Ric Bastasa from Poem Hunter. Whether they are in the sea, in the lake, or inside desktop aquariums, here are some things that can happen with a fish

Some things that can happen with a fish

A fish that drinks like a fish, that is a fish in excess
A fish that fishes in troubled waters, that is a fish taking advantage of another fish in trouble
A fish that fishes or cuts bait, well, to be or not to be, to retreat or to attack, that is the fishy question
A fish that is neither fish nor fowl, is a fish that is neither one nor the other, lacking some convictions
A fish out of water, is a fish feeling left out, no longer in his accustomed environment

Do you have other fish to fry for now?

Is there other matter requiring my attention?

Poor fish,
the lake is finally fished out from his fishy mind.