Sunday, September 5, 2010

The Colorful World of Aquarium Fishes

A lot of people enjoy having fishes as pets. Not just because they are easy to take care of, but also because they add more color to their owner's life. When you have a fish tank or an aquarium filled with colourful fishes, it provides you with a relaxing view. Huge, well-lighted and well-arranged aquariums can also be scenic displays in the house. Looking at water, and the swimming fish gives you serenity, the quiet time you need to think.

So what are the best fishes to put in your aquarium? I have here a few selections of brightly colored and very attractive fishes. See my suggested fishes below.

First is the mandarin dragonet. It comes in blue or green and it has a scale-less body with orange wavy lines across it. It is considered to have the most attractive coloration and pattern of any commonly kept reef fish.

Another fish from the dragonet family is the picturesque dragonet. As the name implies, it has a striking color and appearance that can surely please the eye of any beholder. It has an elongated scale-less body adorned with multicolor psychedelic swirls of blue, orange, and black on a green base. They have two dorsal fins, and the caudal fin is rounded.

Next is the six bar wrasse. Light yellow or green can be seen on top fading quickly to a pale white body that has six black bars running vertical down along the body.

Another kind of wrasse is the cortez rainbow wrasse. As the name speaks, you can imagine the 7 rainbow colors reflect on the body of this fish. The Cortez Rainbow Wrasse is active, hardy, and long-lived in the aquarium. Though smaller than most of these wrasses it is still very active during the day and will need to have plenty of swimming room.

If you want a fish to reflect the color of the ocean and the skies, you can go for the powder blue tang. It has a baby blue body, a yellow dorsal fin and a dark markings on its face. This fish from the surgeon family is quite expensive.

These fishes are ideal for wide and spacious tanks or aquariums but there are small fishes that can fit a 2-3 gallon aquarium. Desktop aquariums allow owners to take their pets to work or in the office even with the limited space in the table. Your fishes may be small, but you can surely appreciate their color and appearance because these compact fish tanks give a clear 360 degree panoramic view of your fishes. It comes with different colored LED lights that can be set or changed according to your mood.

Whatever fish you choose, no matter how small or big, having a spectacular aquarium can always be a great addition to your home or office.

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